The Magical Festival of Lights in Colorado Springs: What to Expect

The Festival of Lights is a magical event that brings family, friends, and strangers together to celebrate life. Every year, thousands of people flock to Colorado Springs, CO to witness the beauty of thousands of lanterns and the lights that reflect in the water. But what kind of weather can you expect during this special event?The daytime temperatures are usually around 50-60°F on Saturday and Sunday, but they can dip to 30-40°F as the week begins. It's important to note that the temperature will get colder as the night progresses.

The National Weather Service predicts that Saturday's Festival of Lights parade will have temperatures of more than 40°F.Colorado is located far inland and at a great distance from any large body of water, resulting in a generally dry climate. Average rainfall decreases slightly as it moves from the eastern border with Kansas to the Colorado plains, but then tends to increase significantly as it moves westward to the higher elevations of the foothills and mountain ranges. Climate change is having an impact on Colorado's demand for water and the ways in which it is used within and between basins and economic sectors. While Colorado needs to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions, a warming climate cannot be completely avoided, and therefore, the state must adapt. The Colorado Climate Center maintains recent climate data, publications, and other climate resources for Colorado. The Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Colorado State University contains information about the CSU Department of Atmospheric Sciences, the Colorado Climate Center, and links to other climate-related websites.

The Colorado Agricultural Meteorological Network (CoagMet) provides localized meteorological data in irrigated agricultural areas. A report for the Colorado Water Conservation Board, Western Water Assessment, and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Boulder states that snow melt provides up to 80 percent of Colorado's surface water supply. In cases where weather conditions force us to cancel an event on Friday or Saturday, the first possible recovery date will be Sunday of that same weekend. The Water Lantern Festival is an incredible experience that you won't want to miss. You'll appreciate these moments as you witness the beauty of thousands of lanterns and the lights that reflect in the water. So make sure you plan ahead and check out what kind of weather you can expect during this special event!.