The 36-Year Tradition of the Colorado Springs Festival of Lights: A Joyous Celebration

In 1984, the city of Colorado Springs began a 36-year tradition that continues to bring joy and cheer to the city every December: the Festival of Lights. This Christmas celebration brings together numerous people and crowds of spectators every December, with around 60,000 people taking to the streets to see 3,000 participants take part in the parade. The parade consists of an impressive light show, music and performances, and is broadcast on television for those who are unable to attend. Peak Radar is a comprehensive calendar of community events dedicated to the arts and culture of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.

If you want to enjoy the best experience during your vacation in Colorado Springs, it's essential to choose the best hotel accommodations and restaurants for you and your family. La Quinta Inn & Suites Colorado Springs is a great choice for guests who want to visit Colorado Springs to attend the festival. The Festival of Lights parade adorns the streets of downtown Colorado Springs, specifically from Vrain Street to Tejon Street. Imagine a corridor of light in which every inch is adorned with twinkling curtain lights, garlands of lights, and even trees with twinkling lights. Since the parade is held every December, the weather is expected to be significantly colder compared to previous months. This parade for the Colorado Springs Festival of Lights is a nonprofit organization that has been organizing the parade for nearly 36 years.

The closest airport to downtown Colorado Springs is Colorado Springs Airport (COS), located approximately 11 miles southeast of the festival site. Whether you're struck by twinkling Christmas lights or ethereal curtain lights that make you feel like you're in a winter wonderland, there's plenty of time to enjoy it all. For those of you who enjoy the scenic route, taking a train to Colorado Springs can be an adventure in itself. As the festival began every year, it was also broadcast on television and was watched by those who were unable to physically attend and witness the Festival of Lights in Colorado Springs. The 36-year tradition continues to bring joy and cheer to all who attend or watch from afar.