Safety Tips for a Magical Festival of Lights in Colorado Springs

The Festival of Lights in Colorado Springs is a magical event that creates memories that will last a lifetime. But, it is essential to keep safety in mind when attending the festival. There is extensive security at the event and participants are not allowed to bring alcohol or weapons of any kind. Moreover, it is important to be aware of the potential fire hazards that can arise when using Christmas lights.

When installing Christmas lights, it is important to use plastic clips, hooks, or hangers specifically designed for this purpose. This will ensure that the lights stay securely in place without damaging wiring or insulation. If you are using non-LED bulbs, it is essential to keep any flammable items away from the lights as they can get hot enough to ignite nearby objects. It is also wise to contact your local fire department or electricity provider to see if there are any specific rules to follow when installing lights.

Interior lights are designed to be completely safe when used indoors, so they won't pose a fire hazard if you place them in the family tree. When connecting multiple sets of lights, be sure to use a power strip or surge protector to protect your outlets from overcharging. Additionally, it is important to plan the light screen so that the connections are suspended from the floor instead of placing them directly on it. If you have a service animal, keep in mind that loud music and the possibility of fireworks going off can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for them.

Lastly, when parking at Michael's Episcopal Church (located at 7400 Tudor Road Colorado Springs, Colorado), be sure to park in a marked parking space. By following these safety tips, you can rest assured that your experience at the Festival of Lights in Colorado Springs will be safe and secure throughout the holiday season.